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The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet was developed by Barry Sears, a biotechnology researcher who formulated a weight loss and well being plan that keeps the levels of certain hormones within a determined range. The levels of these hormones can be controlled by the foods which you eat, and the range that they are kept within is one deemed to be optimal for weight loss and good health.

The hormones controlled by the Zone Diet are insulin and eicosanoids. Controlling insulin allows for greater fat loss and often results in clients reporting more mental clarity and increased ability to perform physically. Eicosanoids assist with increased blood flow, which makes everything work much more efficiently.

The Zone Diet can seem very complicated indeed, and involves much more hard science than most dietary plans one comes across. However as long as you can follow directions, you should be able to keep your body in the Zone and reap the rewards of better heath and physique. There are some general rules you can follow easily, such as keeping protein servings to the size of one's palm per meal.

To get in the Zone you'll find yourself dosed with fish oil regularly, which aids with your hormonal balance. You also eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, and smaller amounts of other carbohydrates like breads and rice. This is a tightly controlled program which controls your hormones for life, and if you are prepared to follow the Zone Diet, you are likely to feel better than you've ever felt before, and look the way you feel.