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Bob Greene

Exercise physiologist Bob Greene is author of Get with the Program! a book which outlines his four-phase plan to getting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The Bob Greene plan is unique, in that it focuses on the physical as well as the emotional components that keep you from achieving your health goals. By asking tough questions and designing a program that allows you to make small changes slowly, Bob Greene hopes to help you achieve healthy habits that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

The first phase of the Bob Greene plan is a period of mental and physical preparation. In this phase, Bob Greene focuses on helping you uncover your attitudes and thoughts about changing your life. This is also the point at which you will sign a contract with yourself, and commit to creating a healthy lifestyle. Phase two addresses the issue of exercise, more specifically the importance of aerobic exercise. It is also in this phase of Bob Greene's plan where you will begin to make changes in your eating habits. In phase three, you will deal with the emotional aspects of eating. And finally, the focus of phase four is adding strength training to your exercise program in order to boost your metabolism. You will also be reinforcing the positive changes you have made to ensure that you maintain healthy habits for the rest of your life.

The plan set forth by Bob Greene is not the fastest way to weight loss, but rather a plan that will help you slowly make the changes that will last a lifetime. Bob Greene does not focus on achieving the perfect weight or dress size, but rather on creating a healthy mind and body.

The Only Book That Explained My Situation

After a month of working out HARD and eating right, I had lost a total of two pounds and was beyond despondent. In desperation I re-read all those diet/exercise books I had purchased over the years, including this one. Greene explained that my situation was not only not that unusual, it was actually a good thing! He also explained that for some people (me) there is cycle of gaining a few pounds back before each cycle of losing. That knowledge alone has kept me from running to the ice cream when the scale goes up after I've done everything right.

Greene doesn't cite any references, but my personal trainer says these concepts are in the professional literature. It just doesn't sell a lot of books (or get many training clients) to tell people they may not lose any meaningful weight right away.

This info, which I have seen nowhere else, helped me stick with it. Six weeks in the weight started coming off, just as his predicted. And now when I gain an unexpected pound or two I know that soon I'll be dropping three or four.