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Diet Watch

DietWatch means dieting with your computer. EDiets are the latest thing on the web, and DietWatch was among the first program for weight loss to operate as purely web-based. DietWatch is, as should be expected, a subscription based program asking about $3 a week. However, by all accounts the money is well spent.

DietWatch does not descend upon the dieter with a singular method for weight loss, and, in fact, DietWatch does not limit itself to purely weight loss concerns. The DietWatch program is about healthy eating. It is about learning the simple act of knowing and controlling what one puts in their body. From the outset the DietWatch client will choose to either lose weight or maintain it, a choice most will make based upon a free diet profile. In addition to a choice of weight loss or maintenance, DietWatch offers four dieting choices: balanced eating, reduced carb, low cholesterol, and lacto-ovo vegetarian (includes dairy and eggs).

In addition to personalized meal plans, a diet planner and food log, exercise regimens, and message boards, DietWatch offers interactive online programs. Particularly impressive is the eight week DietWatch course on emotional eating where the DietWatch subscriber will learn to avoid binges and other eating problems by getting to their very root.

Best of all, DietWatch avoids getting caught up in fads. Backed by dietician Jennifer May, DietWatch builds its programs and plans upon nutrition research as opposed to jumping on the bandwagon of whatever new dietary trend. Consequently, DietWatch has developed a reputation for offering a handful of dieting options and offering them with quality; of providing a healthy, balanced, effective, and sensible approach to healthy eating and life.