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Sonoma Diet

The Sonoma Diet is a scientific diet, one that allows you to eat the foods you enjoy while maintaining a healthy diet plan. The Sonoma diet plan is relatively easy to follow and it teaches you how to diversify your eating habits so that you will not grow bored with the diet plan quickly. Noted for helping many individuals lose weight, the Sonoma Diet continues to grow in popularity among dieters all over the globe.

The Sonoma Diet is broken down into phases: phases referred to as waves. The three waves of the Sonoma Diet are designed to help you conquer bad eating habits and encourage the incorporation of healthy eating habits. Wave one of the Sonoma Diet is designed to help you reduce the amount of refined flour and sugar you intake and the “wave” lasts approximately 10 days. This wave or phase is meant to help you return your body to a healthier state, a state where you will crave sugary foods and foods high in carbohydrates less.

Wave one is followed by wave two is where to slow but sure weight loss process begins. In essence, wave two teaches you how to enjoy food in a healthy fashion and to reincorporate healthy eating habits into your life. With the Sonoma diet you can learn how to indulge yourself once in a while, so you never have to feel as if you are deprived. Finally, wave three is the maintenance phase in which you learn to maintain healthy eating habits for the rest of your life.