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For the dieter looking for diversity, eDiets has much to offer. eDiets offers its visitors a free diet profile to determine precisely what plan would be most suitable for the individual. Plus, eDiets creates a plan for you that is easily worked into your routine. After providing eDiets with the information required to create your personal profile you will be advised as to which diet will help you accomplish your goal in a healthy fashion. Whether you are looking to lose weight or you are simply looking to maintain your current weight, eDiets has a program that can help you achieve your goal.

Ediets provides a variety of dieting plans:

Get their best-selling diet plan personalized just for you.

Lose weight, increase energy and improve mental focus with Europe's hottest diet.

Eat, drink (wine) and be thin with this healthy food lover's diet. Go Mediterranean!

To complete your personal profile at eDiets you will need to determine your goal weight and how long you expect to be on a diet. Once you get your personal profile analyzed, eDiets immediately notifies you about your Body Mass Index and how long it will take to achieve your desired weight. Plus, eDiets designs a plan that you will want to keep using: a plan that incorporates your favorite foods and one that fits well with your type of lifestyle.

From personalized, printable shopping lists to printable, pre-designed, weekly meal plans, eDiets makes dieting easy for you. Additionally, when you become an active participant in the eDiets' plan, you can access nutritional articles and sample menus. Thus, eDiets not only offers you a way to lose the weight you want to lose, but eDiets looks to educate you so that you can make lifelong, healthy changes in your eating habits.