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True Star Diet Plan

TrueStar is an online weight loss program, guided by doctors and professional nutritional counselors, which addresses the underlying causes for excess weight and emphasizes the importance of dieting for health reasons. The TrueStar weight loss program takes into consideration such factors as genetic and physical makeup, hormonal balance, and emotional upsets that may affect successful weight loss.

TrueStar recommends vitamin supplements, motivational books and audio selections, meditation CDs to improve sleep habits, and tips for removing stress in individual situations. In addition, TrueStar designs exercise profiles to boost metabolism, based on height, weight, gender, and other considerations in your physical profile. Personalized healthy meal plans for three meals a day and two snacks include moderate portions of lean meat, poultry, or fish, whole grain bread and cereal, yogurt, fruit, and vegetables. The TrueStar weight loss program includes suggestions for selecting healthier fast food and restaurant items when dining out, based on eliminating excess fat, limiting carbohydrates, and controlling overall calorie intake.

Dieters in the TrueStar weight loss program typically lose two to six pounds a week, a sensible, safe, and effective method for permanent weight loss. Membership in the TrueStar weight loss program is reasonable and products, information, and counseling are available online. TrueStar believes in losing pounds the healthy way by balancing hormones, exercising regularly, developing good sleep habits, and eating foods that are low in the glycemic index. TrueStar guarantees you'll meet your weight loss goal, improve your eating habits, and enjoy a healthier, more energetic lifestyle.